Sewer/Drain Snaking

Clear Away Clogs With Ease

A clog can be either simply bothersome or a serious problem here in Duluth, MN. It can make the water slow to drain out of your sink or basin, or it can prevent water from draining away at all, causing an overflow. Until the situation is remedied, you may not have full use of your sink, tub or basin.

At American Sewer and Drain, we provide professional sewer and drain snaking service. We will clear away any clogs that are causing problems in your home or workplace and clean up our mess before we leave.

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When you have a clog in Duluth, MN, you can rest assured that the American Sewer and Drain pros will get the problem resolved for you without delay. We offer the professional solution you need at a time like this, and we can repair the problem for you quickly.

Call us today to request a free estimate for our services, and be sure to mention this advertisement for $25 off your fee.