Sump Pump Installation in Duluth and Cloquet, MN

Do you have Water in your Basement?

A sump pump failure can be very costly in damages, during a heavy rain water could build up into your house from the bottom up damaging you home. Instead, make sure your sump pump is working correctly and give American Sewer & Drain a call to make sure everything is working properly. There are multiple reasons why your sump pump may fail. The last thing you want is a build up of moisture in your basement. If a sump pump is the wrong size or has been installed incorrectly, it could over work and the lifespan of the pump is decreased greatly. One of the main mechanical reasons a sump pump could fail is the switch that tells the sump pump to turn on and off. If this is positioned incorrectly or installed incorrectly your pump could be overworking or not working when you really need it. Contact the pros at American Sewer & Drain for all your sump pump repair and installation needs.

Let's Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Let's Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Sump Pump Installation

American Sewer & Drain Services of Duluth, MN installs sump pump systems that prevent basement flooding and keep your basement dry. We have significant experience installing dependable sump pumps and backup battery systems throughout Duluth and Cloquet, MN. Our water pump systems are the single most effective method of preventing basement water Damage and preventing the long-term structural and environmental damages caused by a wet basement. Moisture in your basement can build up over time and cause mold and other damages to your home,Get the professionals to install your sump pump right the first time. Call American Sewer & Drain to get a quote on your Sump Pump Installation.

Call for 24/7 Sump Pump Services

We offer 24/7 sump pump services to cover all emergency sump pump needs. If your sump pump fails in the middle of the night and you wake up with moisture in your basement or even water in your basement then call American Sewer & Drain to get it fixed right away. Call 218-727-5557 for emergency sump pump repair services.